This is my first post from my brand-new blog. I am currently a high-school student at the time I am writing this post, who is extremely passionate about technology and its applications to help eradicate any kind of inequality that exists in this world. It may never be possible to actually achieve that goal, but I will always try.

I have previous experience working on projects with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, mainly on the front-end UI/UX, also with TypeScript and Angular for complex websites. I have also worked server-side with Node.js and Python to build web-servers, rest APIs, etc. I have recently dived into the world of mobile-app development as I started learning Flutter to build beautiful performant apps for Android and iOS simultaneously with a single code-base using Dart.

Please reach out to me if you just want to have a chat, or are interested in some of the work I do. My social links are in the homepade. You can check out my projects and collaborate with me on GitHub, check out other posts on DEV, and reach out to me on social media or via email.

Thank you for visiting this blog. Cya 👋